We at Phoenix Starr thrive of not disturbing classes and assure that we always have cover. However, on the odd occasion we may need to close the school.
When fees are accessed at the start of the Academic year we minus out about  5 weeks a year. How we work out are monthly sessions is by adding them up to 45 weeks a year(not including summer or winter holidayS) then deduct 5 weeks for when these cancellations may happen, so your monthly fee is based on 40 weeks a year. we split this into months and that's how we end up with your monthly amount.
Dates for cancellations can always be viewed here, and we will always put up the reason, we want an honest relationship with, so your child can continue to grow
Cancellation Dates:
16th October - Chiltern Academy school open day
17th October - Hip Hop Unite Worlds Dance Championships
18th October -  Hip Hop Unite Worlds Dance Championships
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