This programme (ages 8-18) gives students the opportunity to enhance their current training to achieve the  standard and versatility required for entry into a range of vocational colleges alongside other gifted students who share their passion and drive to pursue a performing career.


Each student will have the opportunity to receive individual ongoing advice and potential career development from their panel of teachers. Many Associates have progressed into full-time school and into other leading vocational training establishments.

The emphasis is on the development of secure fundamental technique in Commercial and Hiphop. There is also supplementary training of mental wellbeing as well as professional workshops.

This course runs on a yearly basis with the provision of progressive lessons for those wishing to stay on for more than one year. It runs on Fridays for 40 weeks over three terms with presentations and showing opportunities at  theatres, exhibitions and tours.

Course entry is by Application only. Students already enrolled on the programme will be assessed during the year to provide feedback and to review the progression on the programme for future years.

Phoenix Starr Associates staff are experts in their field and provide a taste of vocational training for groups of students that are gifted and talented. Places are accepted by trial only, so it gives the chance for gifted students to be among other gifted students who really share a similar passion for dance and performing. This also gives students a wider view of the industry, by dancing outside their local school classes whilst simultaneously enhancing their training within the local dance schools as well.  There is mentoring and guidance for students during the programme. The main benefits of the programme include:

  • Vocational style teaching by industry experts

  • Vocational school setting with professional resources

  • Professional industry teachers for commercial and hiphop classes

  • Making contacts for the future (staff including guest teachers and peers)

  • Audition preparation

  • Phoenix Starr intensive workshops

  • Senior Associates receive a free audition for the full-time college courses

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Free Trial Lesson


Fridays 5pm - 9pm


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Lowri Jackson

Tendai Chitate

Jazmin Buckley


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Jaron Johnson

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Kaea Pearce

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Sisco Gomez

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Josh Plimore

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Kieron Simms