Phoenix Starr Academy is bringing change and progress to the Technical dance community in Bedfordshire  with Lyrical Jazz class!

Tough, honest, and robust training with professionals!

 Dancers in this class  will feel what it means to be pushed to the highest standards of Technical performance training and etiquette. 

You will need to purchase your Registration Fee as part of the package –  all students need to register to dance at the studio. This is £25 a Year this will only need to be paid once a year. 

This will need to be paid the first of January each year, if new and join after this date you will pay when your child starts the academy.

  • 2 hours of training every Wednesday

  • Experience and networking

  • Fun, safe environment in our beautiful facility in Luton Town Centre

  • Work 1-on-1 with mentors who have credits including , Got to Dance, Nike, Kylie Minogue, Kojo funds many more…

  • Open to all age 8+


Jazz class -

Wednesday - 7.30 - 9pm 


Fee: £40

Technical Package 1:

Technical Package 1:

Lyrical jazz and Acrobatics 

3 Hours training a week 

Train with a dance company 

Learn Intense Acrobatic tricks

Enter Competitions 

show Cases

Meet other dancers like you 

Aged 7-16

Classes are based on age and ability 

Fee : £70 



6 Hours Training a Week choose 3 Styles From:

Street Dance Basic Package 

Acrobatics Package 

Lyrical Jazz Package 

Ballet package 

Fee: £80




8 Hours Training a week 

Street dance Standard  Package

Acrobatics Package 

Lyrical Jazz Package

Ballet package 

Fee : £90



8 Hours Training a week 

Street Dance Enhanced Package 

Acrobatics Package 

lyrical Jazz Package 

Ballet Package 

Fee : £100



10+ hours a week 

You will have access to all classes 

(within in  your child age range)

Fee : £110 




Mega crew 



Fee: £10 per an Additional