Student Story


Hello, my name is Kyoh and i’m 12 years old. I first started dancing at Phoenix Starr about 7 months ago and straight away I loved it there. Everyone was so supportive and welcoming. Jazmin, the principal of Phoenix Starr Academy and College has helped me to improve so much since i have started dancing at Phoenix Starr. Me and everyone else are all so lucky to have such a great dance teacher! At Phoenix Starr Academy i study street dance but Phoenix Starr has a lot more to offer than just street dance, you also have the option to study things such as: lyrical jazz, ballet and acrobatics. I have not yet completed any exams but i have taken part in the yearly show that we all have the opportunity to take part in at Phoenix Starr Academy and College and also competitions. There are also a lot of other great opportunities at Phoenix Starr such as: London Lions half time entertainment and Move It, which is Europe’s biggest and best dance event. At Phoenix Starr i feel like i can be and express myself and nobody will judge me, everyone is very supportive and accepting. Dancing at Phoenix Starr is a lot of fun and we get to spend time with friends whilst still being pushed and encouraged to become the best dancers we can.