Student Story


Hello, my name is Goda and i’m 13 years old. I started dancing at Phoenix Starr Academy when i was 11 (2 years) and ever since i’ve loved training there. I’ve always loved dancing and when i found out about this academy i knew i had to try it out, from then i’ve been training non stop to become the best dancer i could be with the help of Jazmin, the principal of Phoenix Starr Academy and College, as well as my other teachers. At Phoenix Starr Academy i study: street, lyrical jazz, ballet and acrobatics. I have completed a one dance lyrical jazz exam and now looking to complete street, ballet and continue on with lyrical jazz. I have also had several opportunities while at Phoenix Starr including: London Lions half time entertainment, yearly shows and several different competitions. At Phoenix Starr Academy, i feel like i can really be myself and that i can express myself without being judged by anyone. The safe environment makes me feel comfortable with my teachers and other students allowing me to push myself to become the best dancer i can be.