Student Story


My name is Tyreese , i am 15 and i have attended phoenix starr academy for 4-5 years now. I’ve always had a interest in dance since a young age with the help of phoenix starr i was able to per-sue dance professionally. I have studied many different styles including , house , whacking , locking , popping , etc...

I have travelled around the country competing in many dance competitions to which i have achieved many high standards and placed in high rankings.

I’ve done many shows with phoenix starr academy which have put me out there in the world more as a dancer and lead me to great opportunities such as music videos for upcoming artists. The main thing about phoenix starr academy is that it has a wide majority of different styles and allows you to express yourself in many ways while also making new friends which i consider a dance family. It’s not just a place to learn and and grow but also a great place for fun.