Student Story


Hi i am Nina 👋🏽 i am 10 years old and i have danced at Pheonix Starr Academy for 1 year and 7 months. 
I started dancing when my mum suggested a dance school she found on Facebook ( Pheonix Starr). I arrived at a free trial and thats when it all started. 
My first ever style was acro and i never found out i was really flexible, acro pushed me to my limits . I enjoyed acro so much i then joined Jazz. I went from 2 dances at shows to 5 dances and 2 shows in a row. Not to mention our amazing dance teacher Jazmin who has been choreographing and working hard non stop for us. 
Whilst training intensley i had the opportunity to get booked into a music video which i had a tone of fun at. 
Not long ago i joined street dance which i never knew i was good at. 
I like Pheonix Starr Academy for a lot of reasons but mostly because of... the positivity, the gorgeous and amazing dance teacher Jazmin, the best dancers i have ever met and the other choreographers in the Academy 💖xxx



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