If your child is serious about dancing it is important for them to be at least following an exam syllabus. Here at Phoenix Starr Academy of Dance, we are qualified to teach under the IDTA dance syllabus.


We can enter students into exams from age 3 to adulthood in Street Dance and Contemporary. We do this to assess your dancing abilities, and be awarded for your hard work with certificates and awards. 




When it comes time for exams, trusting the teachers judgement is imperative. They have a lot of experience and will not want to put a child in for an exam knowing they are not ready.


If they say your child is not ready, look at it as though they will have another year to prepare and will then have more chance of not only passing but getting a higher grade.


Although exams can be quite a nerve-racking time for students, they are only doing what they have practiced every week, all year, in class.


Actually the younger they start doing exams, the better they become at handling any pressure, and preparing themselves, and less likely to get nervous than those starting at a later age.



If you or your child gets very nervous about exams and puts a lot of pressure on themselves to do well, it is important to remember to keep things in perspective.

It is only one moment out of the whole year, if you don't get the top pass level, it doesn't matter as long as you do pass, and there is always another year to work on improving.


As you (or your child) gets older and you apply for part-time jobs, college, university and full-time work, you can include these dance exams on your resume. with the IDTA these dance exams add up as Ucas points for when your child is apply for university, so it better to start of early and collect those points!


This will have a great effect of showing your commitment and seriousness to an extra curricular subject, which is always considered as much as school subjects, which are compulsory. 

They can also help give you the edge over other students if you are applying for any specialised school programs.