I N F O R M A T I O N  F O R  P A R E N T S


1. Decide if you can commit to your child auditioning. Please read the FAQs below BEFORE applying and note that nearly ALL castings and auditions are held in London at short notice.


2. Email Info@phoenix-starr.com with 2 clear photographs. Nothing with filters, make up, hands obstructing faces, no photos with other people in. Unless you are applying for twins. Please include the following in the email: your contact details, the child’s name, age, height, whether your child has done professional work before and the local authority in which you live. Without this information you can not be considered.


3. If we wish to go further with your application we will be in contact to arrange you attending one of our test shoots and audition days. This is where your child’s suitability will be assessed in a fun test photo shoot. A member of our team will also meet with you to answer any questions and talk to your child. Due to the high volume of applications we receive we regret that we are un able to reply to unsuccessful applicants.


4. If we wish to take your application further you will be invited to join the agency, sent a contract and invoiced for your annual spotlight fee if applicable. The photos you took on the day will be used as your child’s professional head shots. Should we not feel your child is suitable you will either be asked to come back in 6 months and be sent your images or advised on what need to be worked on when approaching other agencies and be sent photos.


F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S


Do I have to pay to join your agency?

There are absolutely no joining fee. We only take on clients we feel have a good chance in securing work. Your success is our success. 


Is there an annual fee?

We ask that you pay your  annual spotlight fee which is £96. 


Do i  need a portfolio?

Your child will need 2 photographs to join. These will need to be taken by our official photographer. the cost of this session is £70. You will receive a copy of 6 of the photos. They will build a portfolio/showreel as they go along.


I know my own photographer can they take my child’s head shots?

No, the photoshoot is what forms part of our assessment as to whether your child is suitable for modelling, acting, commercials, theatre etc..


Does my child need previous experience?

No previous experience is necessary, however we look for confidence and a desire to succeed.



Will my child need to take time off school?

If you are not happy with your child taking time off school you should not put them forward to join the agency. Jobs often take place during school time and will require your child to be away from school. When contracts go on for prolonged periods your child will be assigned a tutor.


How often will there be auditions/castings?

Sometimes there will be lots of castings and other times not very many. It is hard to say.


Where are auditions held?

Auditions are almost always held in Central London.


Are expenses paid for auditions and castings?

Occasionally you will receive expenses for a re-call audition but usually never for the first audition. You are expected to fund this yourself


How much notice will I get for castings/auditions?

You will normally not get more than 1 week  to 24 hours notice for castings and auditions. This is something you need to bare in mind before signing your child up. You will need to get to Central London at short notice. Think about whether this is realistic for you?


If my child gets a job am I able to accompany them to filming/on set?

Most production companies do not permit parents to be on set with children during filming/shooting. However sets that  do allow this you can attend. Your child will be well taken care of by licensed chaperones and you will be kept informed. This also applies to travelling. It is normal for your child to travel with the rest of the cast and chaperones and not with you. This is different for younger children and babies where you will be required to stay on set. 



My child is very shy is it worth them applying?

If your child is not that confident around people they do not know it may be worth doing test shoots first and maybe take up a sport or dance lessons to boost their confidence before applying as they will need to be relaxed and confident around strangers and taking instructions to be successful.



Do you hear back from unsuccessful auditions?

Almost never. Only successful models/actors hear back and feedback is rarely given.


What age do you accept children from?

We take children and young people from aged 3- 25


Will my child need a special license to work?

Yes your child will need a license to carry out any work. We can organise this once your child gets a job. It is important that you maintain a good relationship with your child’s school as they will need to write a letter excusing performers from school should they require time off school to complete jobs. Your child needs to have good attendance to be granted the time off.