Student Story


Hi my name is Nikita, I’m 13 years old I’ve been dancing at Phoenix Starr Academy for 7 years now. Its been an amazing experience and I’m very happy that I joined.What made me start dance was watching dance shows when I was really young and then every time my parents would play any kind of music I would dance to it, I just loved dancing.I’ve been dancing ever since I was 3 and I kept on travelling from studio to studio to find the right style for me and the right dance studio.I enjoy everything about dance and I’m very passionate about it.I’ve been doing a variety of dance styles my whole life, the styles that I'm doing now are: street dance, contemporary, lyrical jazz, jazz, ballet and acrobatics.I’ve been studying loads of different styles in street dance and that has helped me a lot in growing in my freestyle and dancing and making choreography.I’ve passed all my dance exams and now I'm going to be doing gold in street

and gold bar 1 in lyrical jazz/ contemporary.I’ve been given loads of opportunities at Phoenix Starr Academy.The things I like most about Phoenix Starr Academy is how we are all a family and we

care about each other a lot.❤️