Jazmin Buckley

Founder / Director / Studio Manager



Founder Jazmin-Jade Aka Phoenix is who overseas everything with the Business. A talented performance coach and choreographer. Having trained in danced since the age of 3 and owned Phoenix Starr Academy  for  6 years Jazmin-Jade has vast experience and is able to instantly put children and young people at ease. Here is her story....


Aged just 21, Jazmin had just finished touring in Los Angeles and came back to England to Open Phoenix Starr Academy of Dance and Famous Dance Crew Rhythm Junkeys.


Months later she opened her After School Club classes, Who today provide dance classes in more than 24 schools across Bedfordshire.





In 2018 opening the colleges door to 16 - 19 year olds to train full time in dance and gain qualifications. 




Her dedicated work ethic and desire to make a social contribution. Jazmin's social impact is unquestionable. 


With demand for classes widespread and existing classes near capacity, the launch of Phoenix Starr Management was an organic evolution for the brand. Equally Phoenix Starr Academy started 7 years ago has evolved into an all encompassing resource for brands was the perfect next step! Jessica's vision for the agency was to create a hub brimming with un-media trained, ethnically diverse and talented children whose Unique Selling Point is their genuine love of performing. While offering brands the chance to see what dance can add to their campaigns.



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